Box 12 Completion

Box 12 Completion

Aug 28, 2012

Box 12, our 8th box opened, is now our 6th box completed!  Volunteer Jack fills the last buckets of matrix from Box 12 in the above image. When we opened Box 12 about a year ago, I wrote in the The Excavatrix about how it had some nice examples of permineralized bone, which is rarely found at Rancho La Brea, that were loose at the surface and put into buckets at the time of the entire deposit's removal from the ground.

During the past year, this asphalt-saturated stream deposit has yielded about 90 buckets of matrix. We have found a small amount of wood, leaves, freshwater shells, and a few measured bones, including a saber-toothed cat toe and horse tooth fragment. Microfossils found included a small-sized snake vertebra and a gopher tooth.

We are now preparing to open a much larger deposit, Box 5A, which we hope will contain more of the camel and baby mammoth skeletons from its completed counterpart Box 5B!


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