Little Timmy's Lower Left Jaw

Little Timmy's Lower Left Jaw

Sep 17, 2012

This image shows the lower left jaw of a juvenile mastodon from Box 14, aka "Little Timmy," as it occurred with other fossils in the deposit.  This jaw, which is now in the Lab, is one of many elements of Little Timmy recovered from Box 14.  As mastodons are rare at Rancho La Brea, and as Timmy is a juvenile, it is likely that all the immature mastodon elements from this deposit are from the same individual.  Asphaltic deposits normally consist of a jumbled mass of bones from many different individuals. Identification of a rare animal leads to better understanding of the how its bones were distributed  throughout the deposit, which in turn gives us insight as to how the deposits were formed.

Based on his tooth eruption, Little Timmy may be the second youngest mastodon ever found at Rancho La Brea.


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