Mammoth Rescue

Mammoth Rescue

Jan 28, 2013

Aside from digging fossils at the tar pits, a preparator’s position description includes “and other duties as necessary.” A couple weeks ago, this included rescuing the floating lake pit mammoth! It had drifted south from a broken anchor and ended up mired in sediment by the sidewalk bridge, looking as if it were calling out in distress to passersby. We could have put a sign up that said "Please don't feed the mammoth!"  But it really belonged back with its family and operations needed our assistance with its rescue. First, we had to "unstick" the mammoth by pulling on it with a rope and nudging it with a pole. The mammoth was then dragged to its normal area with the rope tied off to a stake to wait for its re-chaining. All in a day's work!


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