Completion of Box 1 Main Deposit Excavation

Completion of Box 1 Main Deposit Excavation

Mar 18, 2013

The excavation of the main vent deposit in Box 1 is done! We have been excavating it since August 2008 and measured out 14,000 fossils from the four main grids of the deposit. That is just a preliminary number of fossils from those grids. The number of fossils will multiply significantly once the matrix has been processed due to the high concentrations of microfossils preserved that were too small to measure.  All that's left where the main deposit was is a sticky pile of burlap that was used to support the deposit's bottom. The rest of Box 1 is currently on hold. The data from this deposit can will help researchers understand how large vent deposits are formed and how the animals and plants died and ended up there. The microfossils will help us understand the habitat and climate of the Los Angeles Basin 35,000 years ago. Here is a preliminary count of the minimum number of large individuals from this deposit from what has been cleaned and cataloged so far:

6 adult Dire Wolf, Canis dirus

5 juvenile Dire Wolf, Canis dirus

5 adult Sabertoothed Cat, Smilodon fatalis

8 juvenile Sabertoothed Cat, Smilodon fatalis

4 juvenile Bison, Bison antiquus

1 La Brea Condor, Breagyps clarki

1 juvenile Camel, Camelops hesternus

1 adult Grey Wolf, Canis lupus

1 adult Dwarf Pronghorn, Capromeryx minor

1 juvenile Dwarf Pronghorn, Capromerxy minor

1 adult Western Horse, Equus occidentalis

1 juvenile Western Horse, Equus occidentalis

1 adult Bobcat, Lynx rufus

1 juvenile Bobcat, Lynx rufus

1 Shasta Ground Sloth, Nothrotheriops shastensis

1 adult Naegele’s Giant Jaguar, Panthera atrox, “Fluffy”

1 Harlan’s Giant Ground Sloth, Paramylodon harlani, “George Harrison”

1 Mountain Lion, Puma concolor

3 Merriam’s Teratorns, Teratornis merriami


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