Bison vertebra makes ancient jigsaw puzzle

Bison vertebra makes ancient jigsaw puzzle

Jun 26, 2014

While digging in Box 14, we recently excavated a fragment of neural spine from a large herbivore vertebra. (Neural spines are the pokey bits that make up the "bumps" you can feel running down your spine, where some of your back muscles attach.) Later, we happened to be excavating a large herbivore vertebra nearby that had a missing neural spine, and it got us thinking. Now usually, we're digging in tangled jumbles of many, many fossils, and things are rarely still associated (nearby each other). Something about the shape of the break, however, seemed familiar to us, and sure enough, when we got the fragment of neural spine back out, we had a Cinderella's slipper moment! We hope that this may end up belonging to the potential adult bison individual we've been recovering from this deposit, and help us tell more of its story.


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