Dire Wolf Pelvis

Dire Wolf Pelvis

Jan 8, 2015

In Box 14 of Project 23, we have uncovered what appears to be a Canis dirus (dire wolf) pelvis, with all three parts still associated (together). The right and left innominates (hip bones) and the sacrum (the piece of the spine that connects the other two) are oriented together nearly the same as they would have been when the animal was alive. Usually, we here at Rancho La Brea find these three bones separate in the tangled jumble of our typical deposits, where skeletal disarticulation and mixing of bones from different individuals is the "norm". This is why we're so interested in these particular fossils, because it is most likely that these are from one individual dire wolf. However, we'll have to wait until the bones are fully excavated and cleaned to be more sure. 


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