Woodpecker research

Woodpecker research

Mar 12, 2015

Did you know that woodpeckers (Family Picidae) have been recovered from La Brea Tar Pits? Ornithology curator Dr. Kenneth Campbell and Dr. Zbigniew Bochenski from the Polish Academy of Sciences are currently examining all of the specimens from this family of birds that are housed in our collections. Since beginning this work a couple of weeks ago, we have already added over one hundred new cataloged records from the early excavations. Now with a clear search image for certain features on particular bones we are identifying even more woodpeckers from our current Project 23 excavation! Since several of these species are typically tree dwellers, it is curious that they got trapped in the ground seeping asphalt. Stay tuned for more on woodpeckers and new discoveries from La Brea Tar Pits!


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