Lesson Plans | La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

Lesson Plans



Printable lesson plans will help your students connect classroom curriculum with their museum experiences. Find your grade below to download your copy!


Kindergarten: Energy from the Environment
Discover what kinds of resources plant and animals needed to survive in Ice Age L.A. 

1st Grade: Ice Age Engineering
Examine Ice Age animal adaptations to find inspiration for a unique engineering challenge. 

2nd Grade: L.A.'s Wild Past
Use nature journals at school and at the Museum to learn how Los Angeles has changed since the Ice Age.

3rd Grade: Super Survivors
Compare dire wolf and coyote fossils to learn about the relationship between adaptations and extinction. 

4th Grade: La Brea's Oil
Explore the Museum to discover the role that oil has played in Rancho La Brea's history.

5th Grade: Out of the Box
Learn about the unique engineering challenges we encounter at the Tar Pits, and then design your own solution.  

Middle / High School Earth's History: Seep Hunt
Discover the connection between tectonic activity and the asphalt seeps of Rancho La Brea. Then, explore Hancock Park and find as many seeps as you can. 

Middle / High School Natural Selection and Adaptation: Astounding Adaptations
Connect observations, inferences, and conclusions to discover how ancient animals survived. Then, consider what adapatations might tell us about an animal's environment and behavior. 



Mammoths and Mastodons (Elementary, Indoors)
Practice close looking in our NEW exhibit, Mammoths and Mastodons!

La Brea Tar Pits Research Expedition (Elementary, Outdoors)
This scavenger hunt connects the museum exhibits with the asphalt seeps out in the park. Can your students follow the clues to complete their research?