Lesson Plans | La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

Lesson Plans



Printable lesson plans will help your students connect classroom curriculum with their museum experiences. Find your grade below to download your copy!


Kindergarten: Energy from the Environment
Discover what kinds of resources plant and animals needed to survive in Ice Age L.A. 

1st Grade: Ice Age Engineering
Examine Ice Age animal adaptations to find inspiration for a unique engineering challenge. 

2nd Grade: L.A.'s Wild Past
Use nature journals at school and at the Museum to learn how Los Angeles has changed since the Ice Age.

3rd Grade: Super Survivors
Compare dire wolf and coyote fossils to learn about the relationship between adaptations and extinction. 

4th Grade: La Brea's Oil
Explore the Museum to discover the role that oil has played in Rancho La Brea's history.

5th Grade: Out of the Box
Learn about the unique engineering challenges we encounter at the Tar Pits, and then design your own solution.  

Middle / High School Earth's History: Seep Hunt
Discover the connection between tectonic activity and the asphalt seeps of Rancho La Brea. Then, explore Hancock Park and find as many seeps as you can. 

Middle / High School Natural Selection and Adaptation: Astounding Adaptations
Connect observations, inferences, and conclusions to discover how ancient animals survived. Then, consider what adapatations might tell us about an animal's environment and behavior.