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Did you miss a workshop? Spill coffee on those cool instructions? Don't worry! On this page, you'll find key handouts and resources distributed at all our past Educator Workshops.


Using the Outdoor Clasroom
March 2019
iNaturalist 101 Slide Presentation by Richard Smart
Tips for Teaching Outside
NGSS Tie-Ins for Learning Outside
Nature Journal

What's New: Global Discoveries
February 2019
Tar Pits of the World Presentation by Dr. Alexis Mychajliw

Characteristics of a Successful Scientist
Science Checklist 
Zoom In Activity Instructions
Zoom In Activity Presentation

Extinction: Past and Present with EEI (Education and the Environment Initiative)
April 2018
Unit 7.4.g "Extinction: Past & Present"
Fossil and Extinction Flashcards

Rare Finds and New Technology
February 2018

Activity Workbook
Puma Skull Excavation

La Brea Webs Citizen Science
December 2017

Noel Graham's Presentation
Libby Ellwood's Presentation

Teacher Talk
June 2017

Debbie Gray's Presentation Going Back in Time

Process of Paleontology
April 2017

Process of Paleontology Activity
Process of Paleontology Answer Key
La Brea Fossilization Lecture by Sean Campbell
Process of Paleontology Lecture by School Programs

Project Paleo
October 2016

Project Paleo PowerPoint Presentation
Microfossil Lesson Plan, Matrix Activity
Microfossil Sorting Tray Sheet

Teacher Institute
July 2016
Evolution and Cross Cutting Concepts 

Teacher Talk
June 2016

Helpful Resources

Collections and Crosscutting Concepts
April 2016

Presentation Slides
Core Ideas in the Nature of Science
Carnivore and Herbivore Count Worksheet

UCLA Center X
​March 2016

Extinction Presentation
Tar Pits Fossil Count

Speaking and Listening
January 2016
VTS and Fossil Detectives Handout
Dialogic Reading Handout
Visual Thinking Strategies Homepage 
Download resources, sign up for trainings, and watch videos of VTS in action in the classroom

Earth Science and Excavation
October 2015

Karin Rice's Earth Science Lecture (video)
Karin's Presentation Slides
Earth Science Reading Resources
Microfossil Sorting Classroom Activity
Microfossil Sorting Sheet

Teacher Talk
June 2015
Sharon and Josephine's Presentation Amazing Ideas Acquired...Classroom Teaching Inspired!
Sharon and Josephine's Resource List Where to get supplies for teaching outdoors, free online resources, helpful books, and funding opportunities
Tony's Presentation Visual Thinking Strategies

Using the Outdoor Classroom
April 2015
Presentation Slides
Includes: Agenda, Supplies & Resources, Tips for Nature Observation and Teaching Outside 

Paleo Puppetry Make and Take
February 2015
Presentation Slides
Found Object Art Lesson Plan
Norah Jones - Sinkin' Soon A great example of how to transform and animate found objects

Earth Science Make and Take
December 2014
Presentation Slides
Spaghetti Asperities Activity Instructions
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) Lots of classroom resources, activities, and an interactive earthquake map
Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) Resources on Southern California earthquakes, risk reduction, and the Great ShakeOut
Educational Multimedia Visualization Center Animations, reading resources, and information on oil seepage in Southern California

L.A.'s Carnivores: Past and Present
June 2014

Presentation Slides
Carnivore Data Resources for Your Classroom
L.A.'s Carnivores: Mountain Lions Sample Lesson

Using the Outdoor Classroom
May 2014
Presentation Slides
Handouts Includes: Agenda, Supplies & Resources, Tips for Nature Observation and Teaching Outside