Christine Mazzello

Assistant Collections Manager, Rancho La Brea

After receiving her BA in Anthropology from California State University, Long Beach, Christine began volunteering in the Fossil Lab, cleaning and preparing Project 23 fossils, in 2014. Along with volunteering for both Rancho La Brea and NHM libraries and archives, she volunteered with Research and Collections at Rancho La Brea for 2 years, which solidified her desire to acquire the skills necessary to preserve the story each specimen has to tell. Christine’s interests lie in proper paleontological cataloging techniques, preservation and conservation of fossil specimens through best museum and curatorial practices, to ensure long-term research accessibility. As a current graduate student in the Museum Studies program through Johns Hopkins University, she is expanding her knowledge of and experience in collections management. Earning the position as Assistant Collections Manager for the Food Webs project has allowed her the privilege of curating the first fossil specimen (a dire wolf rib from Project 23) she cataloged, 3 years ago, which has been quite a fulfilling experience.

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