Suggested Itineraries

First time visitor:

Excavator Tour

This tour gives you the best overview of the work that is being done here and the story of the La Brea Tar Pits.

Titans of the Ice Age

Journey to a world lost in time, and discover how these magnificent creatures became trapped in “tar”, preserved in time, to be unearthed today.

Fossil Lab

After we extract the fossils from the “tar” we bring them to our Fossil Lab. Watch up-close as scientists unlock the mysteries of the Ice Age.

For the science lover:

Excavator Tour

Get the inside story of the Fossil Lab, Lake Pit, Observation Pit and Project 23.

Pit 91

See live excavations happening during the summer. In this 15 foot deep pit we are still recovering fossils such as saber-tooth cats, dire wolves and valuable micro-fossils, just to name a few.

Fossil Lab

This is the real thing, paleontological lab work – up close and personal!

Visiting with kids:

Titans of the Ice Agem

This exciting 3D adventure gives a great educational overview of the Ice Age, how animals became trapped in “tar” and how we discover them today.

Ice Age Encounters

This is the best way to explore inside and outside. Tours start inside at the museum's Fossil Lab and take you to hot spots around the park. Participants get exclusive access to the re-opened Observation Pit!

Tar Pull

See what it was like to get trapped in the tar (minus the sticky part). Have a picnic in Hancock Park right in the middle of the La Brea Tar Pits.

Roll down the hill

trust us, it’s a kids’ favorite.