Tar Pits Video Festival Submissions

LBTP x PST x Mark Dion

La Brea Tar Pits Video Festival Submissions

Fossilized and Realized: Tar Pits Video Festival

July 22, 2022 

Calling all video makers and Tar Pits enthusiasts! This summer is your opportunity to have your video screened outdoors in the heart of Los Angeles during the Fossilized and Realized: Tar Pits Video Festival. 

This festival will feature a selection of videos chosen from those submitted by the public, a screening of a new film about La Brea Tar Pits by our moderator and host Nic Cha Kim, and a discussion on LBTP's significance in art and popular culture with the Natural History Museum’s Archivist Yolanda Bustos and artist in residence Mark Dion.

Chosen videos can qualify to win this year's festival prize: a saber-toothed cat skull cast!

Here's a message from Mark Dion about your video submissions!

Submit Your Video

Celebrate this iconic site by creating a one-minute (or shorter) video. The videos can be animated, live-action, shot on your cell phone– and they don't need to be filmed at Hancock Park. International submissions are welcome! 

  • Videos should be one-minute or shorter.
  • Maximum video file size is 1GB
  • Either post your video and tag @THELABREATARPITS on Instagram or @LABREATARPITS on Twitter

  • OR submit your video via our GOOGLE FORM.

  • Submission deadline is July 1, 2022.

Videos shown during the film festival will be chosen from those that are submitted by the public. Winners will be chosen by a jury of NHMLAC staff and Mark Dion.

Show us how La Brea Tar Pits inspires you!

La Brea Tar Pits has been a place of not only discovery but one of fascination and inspiration. It's been showcased in movies, depicted in art, and referenced in memes. This summer we want you to show us how La Brea Tar Pits inspires you with a short video.

Let your imagination run wild. Write a script for your dire wolf puppet, choreograph a tar dance, create a montage of all your favorite Tar Pits-inspired movie scenes, or whatever else comes to mind to show us why this site is special to you, to Los Angeles, and to the world.

*By submitting your video and its associated elements, including but not limited to audio and/or video recordings (collectively referred to as Submitted Material), you acknowledge and agree that the Submitted Material may, at the discretion of NHMLAC, be used in a digital video and audio production produced by NHMLAC and/or become part of the Museum collection, and you further agree that any Submitted Material may be used or reproduced by NHMLAC for any Museum purpose in formats that may differ from the original submittal, including but not limited to education, publication, commercial and promotional uses, and being made available to the public.