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Flight Club
The first rule of Flight Club is that butterflies are beautiful little jerks.
A Closer Look at Becoming Jane: Her Scientific Legacy
Join the next conversation live and in-person on March 25
Mammoths, meet the metaverse
Paleontologists from La Brea Tar Pits develop a whole herd of scientifically accurate extinct animals to use in AR and VR
Day of Remembrance: Japanese Angelenos at Manzanar
NHM collections recount the unjust WWII internment of Japanese Angelenos through historic photographs and luggage packed for an uncertain future.
Year of the Tiger
Celebrate the 2022 Lunar New Year with highlights from the collection
Fragmentary Fossils Help Tell the Whole Evolutionary Story
Paleontological “twigs” from our fossil past can help us reconstruct branches on the tree of life
Holding Hands Across Time
Celebrating the Art of L. Frank
Chimpanzees: Redefining What It Means to Be Human
Dr. Jane Goodall’s scientific insights revealed how similar we are to chimpanzees.