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What kind of giant sloth is Sid from the Ice Age movies?
Our paleontologists get to the bottom of Sid the giant sloth’s species
Science of SpongeBob: Ask the Experts!
Celebrate 25 years of SpongeBob with some sea-worthy science!
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Science of SpongeBob: Marine Protected Areas
How can we preserve Bikini Bottoms around the world?
Science of SpongeBob: Plankton!
Bikini Bottom’s Bad Guy, the Ocean’s Tiny Hero
Science of SpongeBob: Super Slugs and Snails
Discover the slimy secrets of undersea snails and slugs!
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A Deep Dive on Microplastics
Museum scientists are examining fish guts to understand the pervasiveness and types of plastics invading California waters over time, which may help us understand how that pollution affects sea creatures and even land-loving pescatarians.
Mountain Lions In L.A.
On May 20, 2024, a mountain lion was sighted in Griffith Park. NHM's Miguel Ordeñana, the Senior Manager of Community Science and big cat expert, answers our questions about the pumas in our midst.
Big Dreams, Petite Sweets
Albert Daniel | Albert's Petite Sweets
Planting the Ice Age
Here are 5 reasons to plant your own Ice Age Garden, and preserve 60,000 years of biodiversity!