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Designing for the Dreamhouse
Carlyle Nuera | Lead Designer, Barbie Signature
Snails, Camera, Action!
SnailBlitz slimes forward until March 31. For the first time, the public will vote on the winning images from April 1–7!
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Year of the Rabbit
Celebrate the 2023 Lunar New Year with highlights from the collection
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Small Wonders
NHM’s new Scanning Electron Microscope Lab connects guests with big science and tiny specimens.
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Weaving a Shared Culture
Two Pacific Islander artists at NHM combine a traditional craft with contemporary weaving and design
Aaron Celestian Saves the Planet
No big deal, but our Curator of Mineral Sciences has a few Earth-shattering ideas—how to cure disease, protect the environment, and find extraterrestrial life.
Big Bee Bonanza
Help digitize NHM's bee collections and keep bees buzzing with this crowd-sourced community science project
Making Monsters in L.A
Jordu Schell | Creature Designer
Depth Perceptions
NHM’s marine collections illuminate the shape of life in deep water.