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How Our Museum Grows
A unique and transformative museum mentorship program about biodiversity begins
Nature Gardens Turn 10
A look back—and forward–at all the nature thriving in NHM’s Nature Gardens.
City Nature Challenge All Stars
The tally from NHM’s annual collaborative urban nature global event is in, and the results will astound you! Meet some of the keen-eyed uber observers of L.A.’s wild scene, our stellar local community participants.
 Wonder Girls
A contingent of 8 to 18-year-olds spent three inspirational days at NHM learning from experts about fossils, mammals, and oceans, and discovering the many stepping stones to careers in science, technology, engineering and math.
Minerals with Lead-busting Superpowers
Our scientists are harnessing the properties of a mineral to encapsulate dangerous lead in soil in South L.A. backyards, demonstrating how NHM discoveries coupled with community partners can power environmental change.
Aaron Celestian Saves the Planet
No big deal, but our Curator of Mineral Sciences has a few Earth-shattering ideas—how to cure disease, protect the environment, and find extraterrestrial life.
Dakota Gets a Makeover
See how our Performing Arts staff refurbished the Museum's life-size Triceratops puppet for her starring role in the all-new Dino Encounters show.
Dig Deeper Into Pterosaurs' Evolutionary Flight Path
NHM paleontologists take a big step in solving the mystery of pterosaurs' natural history
An American Icon, Once Endangered
The natural history and near extinction of the most American of mammals