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Research That Rocks
Our breathtaking backyard state park
Catching Feelings for a Triceratops: How Live Theater in Museums Evokes Empathy in Visitors
When it comes to bringing collections to life and forming empathetic connections with visitors, few tools are as powerful as live theater.
Suiting Up for Smilodon
An exhilaratingly lifelike recreation of a saber-toothed cat will thrill — and teach — audiences in Ice Age Encounters.
Explore Jane Goodall's Profound Impact on Conservation and Advocacy
On March 25, a panel of L.A. community scientists, conservationists and activists discussed Dr. Goodall's evolution to activism and how we can all make a difference for the second installment of A Closer Look at Becoming Jane at NHM.
Seeds of the Ancestors
Beneath the majestic limbs of the coast live oaks, an acorn harvest blooms at the William S. Hart Museum
Backyard Birding 
Episode 5:
Meet the Incredible House Finch
What’s red and gray and all over L.A.? It’s the house finch.
Before Dinosaurs Got Big
Meet Earth’s first giant—a humongous new species of ichthyosaur—only at NHM!
Off to Anacapa!
Our Anthropology Curator heads to the Channel Islands on an unprecedented underwater archaeology expedition to find evidence of the first people to set foot on these shores