Field Trip Add-Ons

Looking to make the most of your field trip? Check out our Field Trip Add-Ons! 

The guided programs, performances, and films listed below are free to add to your school's reservation. Each experience has capacity limitations and require an additional reservation made in advance (at least two weeks prior to your visit date) when booking your onsite field trip. Field trip add-on reservations are not guaranteed and are based on availability and capacity.

Guided Programs

Guided programs are engaging, hands-on experiences designed for your students' grade level and led by Museum Educators. Available Monday - Wednesday, October 2 - December 13, 2023 with advanced reservations.


school group kids field trip skull tar pits

Grades Pre-K–1 | 30–40 minutes
In this interactive storytelling program, students learn about the lives of Ice Age animals: their families, their habitats, and how they survived. Then, students will visit the animal from the story in one of the museum's exhibits to discover what fossils can teach us about these incredible creatures! Located in the Museum Galleries.

Fossil Detectives

Tar Pits Experience

Grades 2–5 | 50–60 minutes
Investigate the lives of ancient animals by looking at the clues they left behind—their fossils! Students assume the role of a paleontologist as they observe fossil specimens in our exhibits, discuss observations, and record ideas to take back to the classroom. Located in the Museum Galleries.


Performances are live 20-minute interactive puppet shows provided by our Performing Arts team. Available at 10:30 am and 11:30 am on Thursdays & Fridays with advanced reservations, year-round


sabertooth cat puppet in ice age encounters show tar pits

Grades 2–6 (15–20 minutes)
Experience a multimedia performance where we dig into the past to uncover the mysteries of some of the extinct creatures who roamed Ice Age Los Angeles over 10,000 years ago. This dynamic show features a life-size adult Saber-toothed Cat puppet, a live performance, and film projections that bring the distant past to life. Located in the Encounters Theater.

Please note: These are not small hand puppets! The Museum's puppets are very large, realistic interpretations of wild animals and we recommend specific grade levels for this performance. Prepare small children accordingly. Learn more about Ice Age Encounters and our Performing Arts team here.



Image of mammoths

A 30-minute informational film providing background information on the Tar Pits. Available Monday - Wednesday, September 11 - May 29 — exceptions apply during school breaks, reservations are required March - May)

All Grades | 30 minutes
This film experience will transport you to a world lost in time and ruled by giants. You'll encounter some of the Earth's most awe-inspiring mammals, from saber-toothed cats and dire wolves to giant sloths and iconic mammoths that lived 5,000 years before modern civilization. See how these magnificent creatures became trapped in asphalt, preserved in time, and are being unearthed today. 

Permanent Exhibitions

Looking for other spaces to explore inside (and outside!) the museum? Learn more about our permanent exhibitions and see all that your students can discover on their field trip—no additional reservations for school groups required! 

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