Think Small With SEM
Seeing the big picture with tiny specimens and one powerful scanning electron microscope
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Saber-toothed Cat 101
La Brea Tar Pits presents everything you need to know about saber-toothed cats.
Burro-Ing Into the Past
How introduced donkeys and the indigenous pumas that love (to hunt) them are helping to resurrect extinct food webs in Death Valley
Eating bamboo? It's all in the wrist.
An ancient fossil reveals the earliest panda on an exclusively bamboo diet and the evolutionary history of panda's false thumbs
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The Secret Power of Zeolite
Our Curator of Mineral Sciences, Aaron Celestian, talks about why this mineral blows his mind!
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A Ponding We Will Go!
¡Vámonos al charco!
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Research That Rocks
Our breathtaking backyard state park
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Before Dinosaurs Got Big
Meet Earth’s first giant—a humongous new species of ichthyosaur—only at NHM!
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Fragmentary Fossils Help Tell the Whole Evolutionary Story
Paleontological “twigs” from our fossil past can help us reconstruct branches on the tree of life
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Chimpanzees: Redefining What It Means to Be Human
Dr. Jane Goodall’s scientific insights revealed how similar we are to chimpanzees.
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