Get Sedimental With La Brea Tar Pits
Help transcribe 'dig' field notes for fossils excavated since 1969
Clever Mary: The Song of Mary Anning, A Hero of Paleontology
Sing along with NHM's Performing Arts team in celebration of Mary Anning, an overlooked matriarch of paleontology
Walruses: On the Tusk of Greatness
With the discovery of the oldest tusked walrus yet, NHM scientists are getting to the root of the walrus’ long tooth.
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Message From A Bottle
Finds from Exposition Park excavations reveal past lives.
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A Different Kind of Prepping
For Vertebrate Paleontology Preparator James Preston, science doesn’t stop.
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Meet Hayden, the Metro Mammoth
A juvenile mammoth that was discovered during a dig for the new Metro
Woolly Rhino Fossil with Xiaoming Wang
Our researchers make exciting discoveries all over the world
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Sloths Make a Splash
La Brea Tar Pits Assistant Curator Emily Lindsey and a team of researchers found a treasure trove of giant ground sloth specimens
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