Digital Guide to La Brea Tar Pits
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Jurassic Perks
How Jurassic Park helped spark a boom in new dinosaur discoveries
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Playing With Fire: Extinction and Survival at La Brea Tar Pits
In California, 13,000 years ago, huge Ice Age mammals that had roamed the landscape for many millennia, suddenly ceased to exist. The cause? Humans, catastrophic fires, and an ecosystem made vulnerable by climate change.
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Eating bamboo? It's all in the wrist.
An ancient fossil reveals the earliest panda on an exclusively bamboo diet and the evolutionary history of panda's false thumbs
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Research That Rocks
Our breathtaking backyard state park
Before Dinosaurs Got Big
Meet Earth’s first giant—a humongous new species of ichthyosaur—only at NHM!
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Earth's First Giant
The two-meter skull of a humongous new ichthyosaur species, Earth’s first known giant creature, reveals how both the extinct marine reptiles and modern whales became giants.
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Talking Tar Pits Turkeys
Dig into some ancient turkey with our Tar Pits team member, Preparator Laura Tewksbury.
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Toothy Grins from the Past
The first 3D reconstructions of extinct Cretaceous birds reveal a reptilian tooth replacement pattern
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Virtual Na Paglilibot Sa Bulwagang Dino – Filipino
Isang pagbisitang virtual sa panahón ng mga dínosáwro
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