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Saber-toothed Summer

Saber-toothed Summer

Saber-toothed Summer

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L.A.’s Really Big Kitty

Make this summer fierce with a celebration of one of the Ice Age's mightiest predators: the saber-toothed cat. Join us June 1 through Labor Day as we sink our claws into everything saber-toothed cat, from fossils found right here at the Tar Pits, to new scientific discoveries, live stage shows, and so much more!

Are You a Saber-toothed Cat Person?

This summer make amazing discoveries about this fantastic feline. As the first confirmed fossil found here at La Brea Tar Pits, saber-toothed cats are iconic symbols of Ice Age Los Angeles and California as a whole. In 1974, the saber-toothed cat was officially designated as our state fossil. Just like L.A., saber-toothed cats have killer vibes. This powerful predator is captured perfectly in its scientific name, Smilodon fatalis, coming from the Greek smilodon for “blade” and “tooth”, and the Latin fatalis for “deadly.”

Furr-ever Summer

This summer plan a trip, to La Brea Tar Pits and the museum to learn all about saber-toothed cats. Experience cat-tastic tours and programs, encounter the Ice Age come to life in our shows, make amazing discoveries with our scientists, and that's just the tip of the canine. 

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Discover how these apex predators once roamed Ice Age L.A. and how our excavators and scientists are digging up the past.

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